BYD Atto 3

375 km
Battery size
60.48 kWh
Energy Usage
145 Wh/km
Charge Rate
80 kW
7.3 secs
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The Atto 3 is built in China by Chinese manufacturer BYD and imported to Australia by EV Direct. It can only be purchased online (like Polestar, Tesla and the Hyundai Ioniq 5).

However, like Tesla and Polestar, BYD ‘experience centres’ for viewing and test-drives are either open or being built in most state/territory capitals (See the BYD Automotive website for locations). Servicing and warranty work is done through BYD service centres as well as the independent mycar network.

The Atto 3 is a classified in Australia as a ‘small SUV’ and offers many of the features you would expect from the latest generation of EV technology built on a dedicated EV-only platform.

These include better interior space, vehicle-to-load (V2L) functionality, a structural battery enabling better torsional rigidity and an improved lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry which BYD claims to offer better fire resistance, higher DC charging rates past 80% and regular 100% charging.

BYD Atto 3 Electric Variants

Variant Battery (kWh) WLTP Range (km) EPA Range (km) Power Output (kW) Maximum Torque (Nm) Plug Types (AC/DC) Max Charge Rate (AC/DC) Price
Stndard Range (SR) 49.92 345 308 150 310 AC (Type 2)/ DC(CCS2) 7/70 $44,381
Extended Range (ER) 60.48 420 375 150 310 AC (Type 2)/ DC(CCS2) 7/80 $47,381


Australian test standards are currently in a state of flux, with the Green Vehicle Guide1 showing some vehicle driving ranges using either the old (and highly over optimistic) European NEDC test cycle figure or the newer European WLTP test cycle figure. Worse still, for recent additions to the Australian market the GVG often gives no data is given at all! Around town, the WLTP figure is the best guide to range or, if doing outer suburban to regional driving – use the US EPA figure.

Using the WLTP range – a typical Atto 3 with the ‘Standard Range’ battery should manage a return day-trip from the Melbourne GPO to Lorne on the Victorian south coast, provided the heater or air conditioner are not heavily used. Top-up charging options include a 1hr top-up AC charge over lunch in at the Lorne Visitor Centre using an AC charger, a 10 – 15 minute DC fast charge at the RACV resort in Torquay.


Charging port

The Atto 3 electric is fitted with a CCS2 socket allowing it to charge via Type 2 AC chargers2 as well as via CCS2 DC fast-chargers.

AC charging

Like almost all new EVs sold in Australia, the Atto 3 is fitted with a type 2 AC socket as part of the CCS2 AC/DC charge plug system.

Maximum of 7 kW (30A) single phase.
Charging speeds and times vary on the capacity of the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) it is connected to and the chosen battery size. Approximate charging times for the Atto 3 are shown in table 2 below.

DC fast charging

The Atto 3 has the CCS2 DC fast-charge connector and can charge at up to 70 kW for the Standard Range (SR) and 80 kW for the Long Range (LR).

Note: the CCS connector is fast becoming the majority DC fast-charge connector type in both Australia and overseas.

BYD Atto 3 Electric Time to Charge (hrs)

Battery size (kWh) 10A Socket (2.4kW) 15A 1 phase (3.6kW) 32A 1 phase (7.2kW) DC Fast Charge (50kW, to 80%) DC Fast Charge (100kW, to 80%)
49.92 25h 14h 7h 50m 40m
60.48 30h 17h 9h 1h 42m


To get the shortest home charging time for an Atto 3, a 7 kW single phase AC EVSE would be needed.

However, depending on your existing power supply and/or charging needs, a lower rated EVSE may only be practicable, or needed. (See notes below). Lower capacity EVSEs will increase charging times, as shown in table 2 above.

The Atto 3 also comes with a Mode 2 portable EVSE for plugging into a 10A power point. Charging an Atto 3 Long Range with this EVSE will take around 30 hrs for a 0 – 100% charge.

BYD Atto 3 Electric Specifications

Cargo space (litres) Cargo Space with rear seats folded (litres) Length (mm) Width (mm) Width with mirrors (mm) Height (mm) Tow Rating (braked / unbraked)
440 1340 4455 - 1875 1615 0
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