Welcome to The Driven Market

The world has begun an extraordinary transition from fossil fuel cars to electric vehicles, and it’s time to make electric vehicles more accessible to more people.

We know, from the number of visitors to The Driven website, that there are so many people in Australia keen to hop on for the ride, and transition to EVs. But they face a major problem – price and choice.

That’s the idea behind The Driven Market.  

The switch to electric won’t happen in new car sales only. The second-hand market is crucial to this transition – it will be the best opportunity many people have to buy an EV at a price they can afford, so they too can share the joys of driving cars that are quiet, fun to drive, and free of tailpipe emissions that damage our environment and our health.

We hope that The Driven Market becomes a useful source of information and a convenient meeting point for sellers – both private and fleet operators – and buyers. It’s not just about finding the right car for your driving needs and your budget, it’s also about providing the information you need to make the right decision – it’s where you can ask questions and get answers.

We are confident that the second-hand EV market is about to expand. Early adopters may be looking to upgrade, 2nd-hand imports are becoming easier to obtain, and fleet owners have already made their first steps into the market, and are expected to make the big switch to electric over the next few years.

We want to be ready with the information and facility to help its expansion.


Giles Parkinson, Editor | Founder, The Driven & Renew Economy