EV Car Facts: BMW iX

400 km
Battery size
77 kWh
Energy Usage
230 Wh/km
Charge Rate
200 kW
4.6 secs
  • Performance
    4 of 5.0
  • Comfort
    4 of 5.0
  • Interior
    4 of 5.0
  • Exterior
    4 of 5.0

The BMW iX is BMW’s flagship full-electric vehicle.

Built in Germany on a purpose designed electric-only platform, it (like all electric BMWs) has a model name beginning with a lowercase ‘i' to differentiate it from fossil fuelled BMWs.

Classed in Australia as a large size SUV, it is offered in two main variants – the iX xDrive40 with a 77kWh battery and the iX xDrive50 with 112kWh.

Direct competitors to the iX in Australia would include the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X and the upcoming Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.

Both iX variants can charge at up to 11kW AC charging. On DC fast-chargers, the iX xDrive40 can charge at up to 150kW, whilst the iX xDrive50 can charge at up to 200 kW. A 10 minute charge on a high power DC charger will add around 90km of range to the xDrive40 and 120km of range to the xDrive50.

BMW iX Variants

Variant Battery (kWh) WLTP Range (km) Real World Range (km) Power Output (kW) Torque (Nm) Plug Types (AC/DC) Max Charge Rate (AC/DC) Price
iX Drive40 77 225 201 240 630 Type 2/ CCS2 7.4/150 $135,900
iX Drive40 sport 77 225 201 240 630 Type 2/ CCS2 7.4/150 $141,900
iX Drive50 sport 112 230 205 385 765 Type 2/ CCS2 11/200 $169,900


Australian test standards are currently in a state of flux, with the Green Vehicle Guide2 showing some vehicle driving ranges using either the old (and highly over optimistic) European NEDC test cycle figure or an equivalent to the newer European WLTP test cycle figure. Worse still, for recent additions to the Australian market the GVG often gives no data is given at all! Around town, the WLTP figure is the best guide to range or, if doing outer suburban to regional driving – use the US EPA figure.

Using the US EPA range – an iX xDrive50 should be comfortably capable of a return trip from the Melbourne GPO to Warrnambool on the Victorian south coast, provided the heating or air conditioning were not heavily used. Note: on this route, DC charging is unavailable beyond Geelong. However, if staying overnight in Warrnambool, an overnight top-up at a caravan park will give approximately 50% at 15A (3.6kW). For further charging options, see PlugShare.


Charging port

The BMW iX is fitted with a CCS2 socket allowing it to charge via Type 2 AC chargers2 as well as CCS2 DC fast-chargers.

AC charging

Like all new EVs sold in Australia, the BMW iX is fitted with a type 2 AC socket.

Single phase: maximum of 7.4kW (32A)
Three phase: 11kW (16A per phase)

Charging speeds and times vary on the capacity of the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment – otherwise known as a car charger) the EV is connected to and the chosen battery size. Approximate charging times for the BMW iX are shown in table 2 below.

DC fast charging

Like all new BEVs sold in Australia (except the Nissan Leaf), the iX3 uses the CCS2 DC fast-charge connector and can charge at up to 150kW DC for the xDrive40 and 200kW for the xDrive50.

BMW iX Time to Charge (hrs)

Variant Battery size (kWh) 15A 1 phase (3.6kW) 32A 1 phase (7.2kW) 16A 3 phase (11kW) DC Fast Charge (50kW) DC Fast Charge (350kW)
xDrive40 77 19.75h 9.66h 8h 1h 10m 45m
xDrive50 112 29 14.3h 11h 1h 40m 45m


To get the shortest home charging time for a BMW iX, an 11kW three phase AC charger would be needed.

However, depending on your existing power supply and/or charging needs, a lower rated charger may only be practicable, or needed. (See important notes below). Lower capacity chargers will increase charging times, as shown in table 2 above.

The iX also comes with a Mode 2 portable charger for plugging into a 10A power point. For a 0 – 100% charge, the xDrive40 will take around 40hrs and the xDrive50 59hrs. Note: this extended time is due to BMW supplying a maximum 1.8kW portable charger.

BMW i3 Specifications

Cargo space (litres) Cargo Space with rear seats folded (litres) Length (mm) Width (mm) Width with mirrors (mm) Height (mm) Tow Rating (braked / unbraked)
260 1100 3999 1775 2039 1578
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